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Property Vastu Consultants

Vastu Shastra is an ancient Vedic architectural science, which mentions the detailed principles of design, layout, measurements, space arrangement and spatial geometry of the structure to be constructed. It includes guidelines for constructing all types of structures, design and layouts including residential, commercial properties, cities, roads, gardens, temples, schools, water works, etc.

Vastu Shastra combines elements like the cosmic forces, nature and the universe with the design and layout of the building, to energize and activate the energies (Prana) present in the space, positively. The in-flow of these energies in your commercial and residential property can bring significant impact on the man (inhabitant) and material.

It is important to buy a Vastu compliant residential or commercial property. Or approach the best and experienced Vastu Consultant to make any modification in the existent property to have a peaceful and prosperous life and avoid any future troubles and losses.

Vaastu Shastra

Compliance of Vastu right from the beginning of the construction of a building gives best results and helps to avoid any structural changes later.It utilizes our surrounding environment and nature while constructing a building.

Benefits of Vaastu

Vastu perfect Design structure propels the success of the dweller, brings good health, wealth, harmony and minimizes or removes the bad effect of doshas. The utility and functionality of the spaces are enhanced by incorporating Vastu methods.

Vaastu as Science

Vastu Shastra is a Science of construction for residential or commercial properties by optimizing natural forces (air, earth, water, fire, sky) with the structures. These five elements if balanced with our architectural design can give positive results in all realms of our life.

Words from our clients

Ever since our inception we have been having a lot of satisfactory clients. Here are some of the testimonials from our very esteemed clients

  • My child was not getting desired results even if he was putting all efforts and hardwork. I consulted Vastu expert from Proppick and modified my son's study room and in just one month in started showing positive results. We are thankful for the precious advice.

    Sujatha Rao, Vizag
  • We bought a new flat and wanted to do some interior designing for this. Vaastu Shastra advisor from Proppick helped us in making appropriate locations for placing furniture, lights, plants, wardrobe and mirrors in the right place.

    Prakash Reddy, Hyderabad.
  • We experienced very positive vibes in our office space after consulting the Proppick Vastu Consultants. They helped in removing my office’s Vastu doshas by implementing convenient Vastu methods in my office. Thanks.

    Vishal Agarwal, Hyderabad
  • Vastu Shastra advisor from here helped me in building my independent villa according to my requirements. The consultants systematically studied the location of the plot and my family needs.I feel much more peaceful and more bonded to my family members after shifting into this new house. Surely recommend you to my friends.

    Laxminarayan Naidu, Secunderabad

Residential and Commercial Property Vastu Consultants

Our Vastu Experts provide customized services according to the property location, client's kundli and his other requirements. We provide appropriate Vastu methods to bring maximum prosperity and harmony in the residents of the property.

Vaastu for corporates

We all aspire to be a leader in our chosen field of work, profession or business. A Vastu compliant office can fetch more positive vibrations and good luck than a non-compliant one. It is very important to strictly adhere to the Vastu principles in an office as many people (staff) are financially dependent on it. Following Vastu can help to build a strong, happy and healthy relationship not only in between customer and owner but also with staff members.

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Vaastu for homes

Our Abode is most loved and secured place on the planet. We always wish to have a harmonious and prospering life in our home. Our expert Vastu consultant rightly assess the environmental factors like position of the Sun, Moon, Planets and flow of seasonal air, the orientation of the building, size, slope of the land, location of water bodies, etc. and then design the Vastu compliant homes. This type of scientific approach accomplishes all goals of a happy and successful life of the resident.

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