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Peroneira is one of the trusted builders and developers in Hyderabad. We are committed to quality construction of residential and commercial properties at affordable cost. Peroneira evolved as premier builders and developers in Hyderabad. Peroneira understands needs of our customers and deliver what we promise.

Peroneira Architects & Interior Designers are established in Hyderabad by three young and enthusiastic architects as you hung new calendars for the year 2013. The word Peroneira is the combination of two Greek words and , phonetically pronounced in English as "Pera" and "Oneira" respectively. Pera means "Beyond" and Oneira means "Dreams". Together Peroneira/Beyond Dreams is intended to put forth our passion to strive for continuous improvement in the field of Architecture. 
Architects with complete different exposures have come together to design a space of Peroneira intending to make the world a quality place to live in. We give utmost importance to every detail of a project irrespective of the scale, to the clients’ satisfaction within the available time frame. We believe in giving highest importance to design process to achieve the same.
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