A Gated community is a well planned residential housing property, with a controlled and protected environment. It resembles a small township and nowadays owning a house in a gated community is becoming extremely popular among millennials. The demand and sale of gated community villas, independent houses, flats, apartments and plots has increased considerably in all Tier I and II cities. Gauging this demand, the multiple builders and land developers have begun constructing Gated Community for sale in these cities.

The current home buyers are preferring to opt for residential properties in gated communities rather than conventional property options. The most essential point of difference between them is the level of security feature offered by the gated community projects. The secured control at entrance points for visitors & vehicles, monitoring people at exit points, closed perimeter of walls and fencing, gives a higher level of security and privacy to the inhabitants which are usually small or nuclear families.

Here, we are presenting you with a few reasons on why the gated community is increasingly becoming the most favoured choice for home-buyers.

  • The foremost factor which comes to home buyer’s mind is the safety and security of the family. With round the clock security service, surveillance cameras installed in the premises, biometric entries, etc. gives a sense of safety or their families that may have aged parents and children. This helps in building a stress-free environment for the property owner not only for their life & property but also the security personnel or agency can be held accountable for any security breach.
  • With a restricted entry into such localities, there is lesser traffic, noise and air pollution inside the gated communities.
  • The residents of the gated community can feel a sense of exclusivity as these are well planned, loaded with modern amenities, gardens, gymnasium, swimming pool and aesthetically appealing environment to lead a lifestyle that one aspires for.
  • Basic amenities like water supply, drainage system, power supply and property maintenance are provided by the real estate developer in a well-planned way to the property buyers. This reduces many hassles and stress related to putting all these things in order by an individual.
  • Residents share manual workload as well as the cost of maintaining a host of amenities like gym, swimming pool, play areas, community halls, etc. Also, at the time of an emergency, the load of work is shared by community residents equally.
  • There is an easy access to essentials like grocery stores, ATMs, pharmacies, salons,  etc. within the community, this reduces a lot of hassles for daily needs items to busy people.
  • Living in such spaces fosters a great sense of community among the residents. Celebrating festivals, parties, gatherings, etc. help all age group people to interact, share and build strong relationships with each other.


Along with the above-mentioned points, there are many benefits of living in a gated community. The availability of homes in such gated communities at affordable as well as in the luxury price segment is making consumers Gated communities homes as the most favoured choice for them. Also, these properties bring a great value on return to the home-buyer. If you are looking for a home that offers a holistic lifestyle, than just log on to proppick.com to explore more options on gated communities projects.