The main entrance door is the foremost passage which creates life in a home. It is the transition zone through which people enter the home from the outer world. It's placed from where positive energy, happiness, and good luck enters the home.

Due to this reason the main entrance door should be positioned in such a way where it can activate the most beneficial cosmic energy that promotes health, wealth and harmony for the inhabitants.

There are various aspects that you have to keep in mind before the placement of the main door for your house during the construction phase. We are presenting you some important tips that can help you to position your main entrance door as per Vastu Shastra for your house.

1. The direction of the Main Door

The main door should always be placed in the North, North-East, East or West directions of the home as they are considered auspicious. The door should be placed in the center of the wall, away from the corners of the wall.

If the door is placed in the North East or East directions of the house, it will allow an ample amount of sunlight in the morning which is good for health. Avoid placing the main door in the south-west corner touching sides, as it allows harmful UV rays to enter your home.

2. Mind Main Door of Opposite home

Do not place your main door to the opposite home's main door. This is to avoid unnecessary show up of your house when both doors are open.

3. Watch for Abandoned house location

Avoid placing your main door towards an abandoned/ deserted house or building as this can create negative energy flowing into your house. Also, you will feel scary sometimes or negative thoughts will come into your mind whenever you open your main door.

4. Size of the Door

Size of the main door should always be bigger than any other door in the house. The bigger size allows easy movement of furniture or electronic items through the door. Avoid having three doors in a line, parallel to the main door as it is considered as a serious Vastu defect and can affect the happiness in the home.

5. Main Door Material     

Wood material is considered as most auspicious material for the main door. It is believed that wood absorbs negative vibes and allows only positive energy to pass through it. The door should be strong and sturdy without any cracks or damages.

You can use some combination of metal materials with the wood depending on the direction of the main door viz.

  • Northern main door: You can use more of silver color.

  • Eastern main door: The wooden door can be adorned with limited metal accessories.

  • Western main door: It should possess metal work.

  • Southern main door: A combination of wood and metal is good.

6. Main Entrance Gate Location

Keep the main entrance gate and main entrance door on the same side of the independent house. Vastu Shastra does not consider it auspicious to have both in the opposite direction as it causes inconvenience to the guests.

7. Location of Underground Tanks

Do not have an underground water tank and septic tanks under the main entrance door, especially in independent houses. The reason behind this is during cleaning of these tanks, it will be of great inconvenience to the family members, as all things will be done right in front of the main door.

8. Look of the Main Door

A clean main entrance attracts positive energy. Avoid keeping broken furniture, dustbins or unused items near the main door. The surroundings of the main door should be clean and have adequate light. Try to have an artistically designed main door. You can decorate it with divine symbols like Swastik, Om, cross, etc. depending on your choice. The main entrance should exude warm welcome to everybody entering your home. Place beautiful green plants at the entrance, if there's a place.

9. The opening of the Main door

The main entrance door must open at 90 degrees, without any obstacle in the way. It should be opened inside in a clockwise direction without making any creaking noise (while opening or closing the door). Ensure that all hinges are oiled regularly, screws are not missing, accessories are polished and extra nails are removed.

10. Put a Name Plate

Put a nice nameplate at the entrance. If the door is in the North or West direction - Metal nameplate is recommended. And if the main door is in the East or South direction - Wooden nameplate is recommended.

11. Corner main doors

Avoid the corners of the wall while placing the main doors of the house. The main door should be placed a few feet away from any corners. It is best in the interest of the inhabitants.

12. Count of Doors and Windows

The total numbers of doors and windows should always be even in the house.

Wrapping Up

Buy a flat, villa or independent house, keeping in mind with correct vastu for the main entrance door. If you need some guidance from vastu experts for your residential or commercial property, then you can avail our service, any time.