Are you planning to put your ‘House for sale’?

Selling a property at your asking price can be a little time consuming and stressful, if you did not put all chords in the right way! You have to ensure that - you are setting a Right Price Tag and making an excellent First Impression of your house, in attracting buyers and make them finalize the deal, quickly.

Here we are presenting you with some important 10 tips by which you can ensure a speedy sale deal for your house in less time.

1) Put a Right Price Tag from the Beginning.

New property sellers usually think that they should begin their asking price ‘high’ first and then lower it later if it failed to sell at that value. But this can result in a slower sales process – many times property is sold at a lower price tag. It is observed that the initial 30 days' activity of your house/flat

on the property market is the best activity time for sale. If your house selling price tag is too high, many property buyers and agents will stay away; as they will assume that you are non-serious and will probably be reluctant to negotiate the rate also. 

2) Enhance your Home appeal

Planting flowers, painting the front door, cleaning the garden & balconies, replacing old rusted items like a mailbox, decluttering the house & wardrobes can surely play a significant role in impressing the buyer to ponder on your asking rate.

3) Upgrade the House interior and exterior

New fixtures, replacing broken door knobs, filling up cracks, a makeover of fallen putty, fix broken tiles, applying a thin layer of paint or if you are able to spend a little more bucks to add a value to your house especially on independent house, than make sure to update the landscape of your garden. These affordable ways to upgrade your old house helps a lot to fetch a better deal for your house.

4) Clean-up and depersonalize

The fewer things there are in the house, the bigger it will look. So, try to remove all unimportant things, old showpieces, furniture, broken or cracked items from the house. Likewise bring down family photographs, religious items and posters of politicians from the house. It plays an important role to attract as many buyers to buy your property. Repair and clean up washroom and kitchen hub so that it should not stink.

5) Well Lighted and Ventilated Rooms

If your house is not much lighted or ventilated, then do some arrangements to make it well lighted and airy. You can use corner lamps or mirrors to light up that dark corner of the room. Clean windows, glass panes, replace broken glasses, bulbs, etc. so that the property looks more attractive to buyers.

6) Stage the rooms for what it is meant for.

If you have put the board of ‘3BHK house for sale’, then show the 3rd bedroom as a bedroom even if you are utilizing it as a storeroom, for instance. It devalues your house if it is not staged properly to the prospective buyers.

7) Make the property approachable.

The more adaptable you are about visits, the more buyers will be able to see your home. Be prepared for prospective property buyers at any point of time of the day - they can be in the morning, afternoon, night or on weekends. It is advised, to leave the buyers to inspect your house freely and discuss the property's pros and cons honestly.

8) Ensure your House lists on all major Property portals of the city

It surely plays a great deal in selling your property, if you list it at the best property portals of the city. You can also hire an individual property agent or local property agency to sell your property, but the commission charges of these may be little higher than online property portals. Online portals use multiple channels - social media, ads, local channels, etc. to promote the property listings, this eventually helps you to sell your house quickly.

9) Put Good Photos of your house on online portals.

Most home buyers begin their inquiry on the web and choose which homes they need to see, based on the photographs you shared with the online portal. So, make sure you put good quality snapshots of your house on it. Your agent can surely help you out in this - what need to be posted to attract buyers.

10) Share information related to your neighborhood

The listing on the portal should not only include photos of your house but include photos of neighborhood also, e.g. nearby recreational areas, parks, eating joints, shopping malls, medical facilities, schools, etc. The data posted should be a genuine and not exaggerated one. Make sure that you are not only marketing your house but also marketing the lifestyle, which is attractive and saleable at the right price.

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